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Sex Addiction

If you are a man struggling with sexual addiction or temptation this is the right program for you.  Sex addiction can include anything from the clinical definition of sex addiction to a chronic affair to sexual temptation or lust.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions the program may be right for you:

  •     Is anyone or anything but your wife providing sexual release for you?
  •     Is all sexual pleasure in the context of your marriage relationship?
  •     Do you think it is alright to take quick looks at women you see (i.e. “I have to look, I am married not dead”)?
  •     Do you view pornography?
  •     Do you masturbate on a regular basis?
  •     Are you single and having sex with multiple partners?
  •     Do you ever have sex or masturbate to make you feel better?

Handouts and material from leading sex addiction experts will be used throughout the program.  The program can be conducted as individual therapy or group therapy.  Varying topics will be discussed including:

  •     Costs of Addiction
  •     Thought patterns
  •     Masturbation
  •     Pornography
  •     Family of Origin
  •     Family Dynamics
  •     Sexual History
  •     Accountability
  •     Spirituality
  •     Brain Chemistry

Sessions are one-hour and the duration of counseling will depend upon the unique circumstances of each individual.



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