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Therapy has had a very positive affect on my relationship. It helped me focus on communication skills and understanding what was most important to my partner. Shawn is very supportive and I would highly recommend him to anyone.


I would like to thank Shawn, he is awesome and made this experience exceed my expectations. I was very cautious on deciding if I would try this path again due to prior experiences, however, I made the correct decision in choosing Shawn. When therapy is given buy someone that listens and cares it will always be helpful, and it was for me. Therapy helped me look and respond to the issues I was having in a different way. Shawn gave me a lot of tools to over come my issues. I would recommend Shawn, and I will be back to see him in the future.


Shawn has the skills to teach us the “tools” necessary for personal growth & healing. We are very happy with the progress we are making. As long as you are ready to make changes & are open to those changes & can look in the mirror & be honest with yourself & your therapist, it will work. We already have recommended Shawn to others.


We reached out to Shawn to help us work out some of the speed bumps in our relationship, help understand our differences and overcome the obstacle’s in our way. In hindsight, our daughter put therapy into perspective by defining it as, “How to be a better spouse” and the truth is, she’s right, Shawn is exactly what we needed to accomplish our goals. We’re very happy that he’s taken the time to get to know each of us while providing feedback and guidance for each of us to work with individually and in whole. The great part is, he doesn’t judge, cast blame, take sides, point fingers, etc. and overall, he’s easy to talk with. Honestly, the bottom line is, Shawn’s just been there how we needed him to be, no status quo, no rule book… what you bring to the table is what you talk about plain and simple. I believe our relationship has improved allot and you have to remember this as we did.. you fell in love with your partner for a bunch of reasons, Shawn simply helps bring those reasons to the front with idea’s and how to’s for one another. For us, we enjoy and look forward to meeting with Shawn, we see it as our opportunity to grow individually, as a couple and as a family. I’ve been surprised to see how some of the smallest things can really make a difference. We would absolutely recommend Shawn to others, in fact we have.


The therapy was for my son and it has been extremely helpful for him. My son has opened up to us and started communicating his feelings. We also received advice on how to work with him and this has been invaluable. We feel that we are on the right track with him and we can move on as a family. I would definitely recommend Shawn as a therapist.


Therapy was definitely beneficial for me. Shawn was helpful in giving me a fresh perspective on things and allowing me to look at problems in a different way. One of the things that I found most helpful from therapy was Shawn’s ability to help me focus on positive things and to spend less time and energy on negative things. I would definitely recommend that others see Shawn.


Shawn is really helping me understand where my pain and insecurities stem from and learning my communication style. I feel very comfortable with Shawn and feel safe confiding in him. I believe the therapy is working and want to continue to improve my relationship with Shawn’s guidance. Would absolutely recommend him!


I began seeing Shawn after being referred from another counselor. At that point, I was “stuck” and not able to move forward. Shawn was able to help me work through this; identify the issues that I needed to address; and he gave me specific guidelines to work on. I am currently continuing with my therapy and definitely feel that it has been useful for me. Shawn has suggested changes in the focus of therapy as needed.


Thank you so much for all of the terrific work that you did with our son. You are so wonderful at what you bring to the children you work with! I will be recommending you to many others.